2016 Holiday Gift Guide

It's the season of giving! I had so much fun pulling together this guide for you with some of the gifts I'll be GIVING (and hopefully receiving! hint hint wink wink) this year.

Here are my top ten picks for awesome + healthy gifts to give this holiday season:

1. Brew Your Own Kombucha Kit - I can't tell you how many emails, messages, and comments on social media I get from people wanting to make their own kombucha. Kombucha is SO easy and SO cheap to make, but it does take some special equipment and guidance, which is why this kit from Get Kombucha is a perfect way to get started. I've tried a number of different kits and have had the best tasting kombucha from this one (plus they've got easy step by step instructions and helpful videos!). Note: if you purchase this kit you will still need a large glass container to brew your kombucha in - I recommend something like this.

2. Maison Louis Marie No. 2 soy candle - Somehow I only recently fell in love with candles (I know, I'm wayyyyyy behind the times!!). This is one of my favorites - it's luxurious and makes your home smell wonderful (without being overpowering).

3. Vitamix Blender - I use my Vitamix blender every day. It's perfect for blending up smoothies and soups, but also powerful enough to knead dough and turn nuts into nut butters! I know that this is an investment but it is totally worth it!! If you are looking to save a few dollars, I know plenty of folks who have purchased a certified refurbished Vitamix with great luck!

4. doTERRA Essential Skin Care System - A few months ago I switched to using doTERRA's Essential Skin Care System and since using the products consistently I've never felt better about my skin. I pretty much never break out, my skin is glowing without makeup and I've even noticed some fine "smile" lines around my eyes becoming less noticeable. I love all of doTERRA's products, but this line is my top pick this year.

Click here for my doTERRA website where you can purchase this kit and other essential oils!

Pssst... if you are in NYC I'm hosting an essential oils holiday shopping event next Tuesday (12/13). I won't have this specific kit but I will have some of my favorite oils + homemade lavender sprays for sale! Check out the details here and then email me at emily@emilynachazel to RSVP.

5. ClassPass workout membership -Do you like to mix up your workouts? Always down for a new fitness adventure? Then you will love ClassPass. From yoga and barre to cycling and Pilates, ClassPass lets you try the best boutique studios in your area. One monthly membership, endless options, all up to you! Gyms are included too, so if you just need some treadmill or elliptical time, you're covered too! Use this link for $30 off your first month!

6. A salt rock lamp - This has been on my wish list for awhile (hint hint!!) Himalayan salt rock lamps acts as an air purifier by emitting a stream of negative ions into the air that binds to positively charged dust particles, bringing it to the ground and leaving the air fresh. Plus they look pretty cool :)

7. A float tank experience - What the heck is a float tank? It's one of my favorite ways to relax, recharge, and enter a deep meditative state. Check out this blog post for more details. Then book your first session at my favorite NYC spot Lift Next Level Floats HERE! (special savings offer for my people, so make sure you book through the link!)

8. Passion Planner - For my entrepreneurial friends! This planner is the bomb and helps your organize your LIFE/WORK/DREAMS all in one complete place.

9. Bone broth delivery - If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know that I'm *very* into bone broth these days (and yes... I will soon write a post about WHY I'm choosing to consume this specific animal product even though I do not eat meat... not today though...). In NYC there are a ton of places where you can pick up a cup or quart of broth to go, but I realize that this is not an option for many people. I recently discovered this amazing company that ships shelf-stable bone broth nationwide: Kettle + Fire Beef Bone Broth.

10. Franklin Method Textured Balls - Okay, this is definitely not a "sexy" gift, but these balls are life-changing. You can roll around on them to relieve both tension and pain (it's like a massage!). You can also do a number of different workouts with the balls and a Franklin Method Band - check out Laura Hames Franklin on YouTube for some ideas. Incorporating this type of workout into my weekly routine has totally changed my body shape (think longer and leaner muscles) and I feel so much stronger in my yoga practice, my running, and my day to day life.


What's on YOUR holiday wish list?? Let me know in the comments below :)