Best recipes + reads of 2016

I love writing a blog because it gives me such an incredible way to look back and reflect. As I scanned through all of the posts from the past year I couldn't help but think "WOW." It's amazing what you can create when you consistently do something small each week. I see this through my blog, but also with my health coaching clients. We make small changes each week and then WOW after a few months they've got a totally transformed diet and lifestyle. 

Today I'm sharing the most popular 9 recipes + reads from my blog from 2016. I hope that you will enjoy going back through these posts as much as I did. And if something in particular speaks to you, I'd love to hear from you - as always, leave a comment below or you can email me. 

Best Recipes + Reads of 2016



And, because it's fun.... here are my top 9 photos from Instagram from 2016.

Here's to an equally vibrant and delicious 2017!