Take excellent care of yourself

Welcome to Part III of my Immunity Guide! If you are just tuning in - I'm teaching you all my top tips and recipes so that you don't get sick this year. You're welcome ;)

In case you missed it, here are parts I and II:
- Foods and spices to eat for immunity
- Supplements and essential oils to use for immunity

I didn't know exactly what to call today's email since I'm going to cover a little bit of everything else: the self-care practices and daily habits that I focus on to keep my immune system functioning in tip-top form. These also work if you feel yourself starting to come down with something and want to fight it off naturally.

Alright, let's get right to it. Here's what you want to focus on:

- SLEEP - Okay this seems so obvious but I had to include it because sleep is the #1 thing you can do to stay healthy. For real. Sleep is ESSENTIAL always but especially if you feel you are fighting off something. It's your bodies time to rest and repair, and that includes your immune system. So how much sleep do you need? It depends but suggest getting to bed by 10/10:30PM. Your deeper, more restorative sleep occurs earlier in the night so the earlier you can get to sleep, the better! Read more on that here.

- DRINK - Drink plenty of liquids, especially water. I've said it before - water is detoxifying. Imagine this fresh water flushing out the pipes, carrying any gunk in your system out. Herbal tea and kombucha are work great too, but you definitely want most of what you are drinking to be pure H20.  

REST - Different from sleep, rest or "quiet time" is just as important. See what you can clear from your evenings during the week, let yourself have a slower, calmer weekend morning instead of rushing off to yoga or a brunch. Your body will thank you!

- SWEAT - This is a little controversial and depends on how you feel. No, I don't recommend running a marathon, but yes, some gentle hot yoga or a short jog (or walk!) may help get things moving and cleared out. Ultimately you will have to make the call based on how you feel.

- BUNDLE UP - Whether you feel cold or not, bundle up! Your neck, ankles/feet and wrists are the most important areas to keep covered. Wear big fuzzy socks and a scarf around the house, and definitely when you go out. Have a pair of gloves already stashed in your jacket pockets so they are handy (ha ha!) whenever you need them.

- VISUALIZE - See yourself getting better, stronger, healthier. Imagine all that water that you are drinking flushing the germs outta your bod. I know, sounds a little out there, but it works!!


Now for your homework this week: think healthy thoughts! Really - I know that there is a lot going on this week and this month, but ultimately you gotta take care of YOU before anything or anyone else. So take two minutes when you wake up to think about how your will prioritize YOU that day. Maybe one day your goal is to try a new immune boosting food (kombucha! bone broth! ginger tea!) and maybe another day all you can focus on is making sure you don't leave the house without a hat and scarf. Even if these things don't happen all of the time, the fact that you are thinking about them is a great start.


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