A little Monday motivation...

Question for you: what have you consistently put on the back burner? 

I met with 3 new coaching clients last week. More than one said "Well maybe this is not the right time, I have a lot going on in my life, I can't make big changes until after [insert big event/work project/travel plans here]"

This is something I hear quite often - we want to make a change (whether its loose a few pounds, finally try yoga, or call that guy we keep talking about) but we are afraid to start. It becomes a "big thing" in our heads and we feel like we need to wait until the "perfect time." 

News flash: there is no perfect time.

Okay, that's not completely true - there IS a perfect time and it's right NOW.

Life is always going to be crazy, there will always be excuses. If you are tired of where you are at, if you really want to make a change, you just gotta begin somewhere. It may not be the "perfect" timing but sometimes you just need to commit, to say YES to get the wheels of change in motion. 

Whatever your goals, hopes or dreams are, you've got to start somewhere, anywhere. Only after you choose to begin can you make progress and move forward. 

So what have you been putting off, letting sit on the back burner, waiting for the ideal time to begin? Say YES to it today. Block off the time in your calendar, write the email, submit the application. The time is NOW.


Overwhelmed with just the thought of moving forward on your goals?  Let's talkI've got one spot open for one-on-one health coaching this month and I'd love to help you get your booty moving :)