What I Ate Wednesday 1/13/16

In an effort to show you all more of what I eat as a primarily plant-based, active adult, I'm starting a new series here on the blog - "What I Ate Wednesday."  Each Wednesday I'll snap a picture of everything I eat and post the pictures plus descriptions here on the blog.  I'll share helpful information on what I'm eating and why.

PLEASE, please, please do not think that your food choices should directly mirror mine - we are all different and what works for my body may not work for your body, and vice versa.  I'm still figuring out what works best for me and guess what?  It's changing all the time.  I'm simply sharing my choices with the hopes to give you more ideas when it comes to plant based foods and meals. Want some help in finding what works best for your body? Schedule a complementary strategy session with me!

Here's what I ate this Wednesday:

Upon waking: Water + lemon, then an almond milk latte Quick tip: squeeze some lemons at the beginning of the week so you have juice ready to go in the AM. Lemon water is naturally detoxifying and a great way to jumpstart your system first thing in the morning. 

Breakfast: a few assorted Ginny bakes cookies + cinnamon almond butter (homemade!) + banana. Quick tip (okay maybe not so quick tip, but important!): Truthfully, most of what I eat is super healthy: veggies, greens, lean protein, good fats. But I also have days when I'm busy or stressed or just don't feel like eating kale, and it's okay. On those days (like today) I aim for two things: 1) Choose the best of what's around >>> I make sure   whatever I reach for is the BEST option I have access to (real food based, wholesome sweeteners, organic), because I know that eating crap makes me feel like crap, and ain't nobody got time for that! 2) I ENJOY with no guilt >>> this is SO key. If you are going to indulge, let yourself INDULGE. Taste it, chew it, use all your senses to truly enjoy the treat. 

Lunch: BIG bowl of lentil Dahl from Jivamuhkti cafe + iced chai tea with almond milk

Afternoon pick me up: green juice - green apple, celery, cucumber, kale {I blame the morning cookies for my afternoon green juice craving ;) }

Dinner: arugula, a whole lot of avocado, roasted butternut squash, soft boiled egg, gomasio sprinkle + sauerkraut. YUM! Quick tip: Make sure to eat good FATs with your greens - this helps your body properly absorb all the wonderful nutrients in those veggies!


And there you have it - another day in my food life!  Questions on anything I've noted above?  ASK ME - I love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Ready to dive deeper and explore making changes in your own diet for endless energy and amazing digestion, this yearSchedule a complementary strategy session with me!

PS. Thanks to ginnybakes for sending me some of their products to sample and share! I'll be posting a full review here on the blog once I've made my way through all the treats.