Daily Detox Tips

Detoxing is really in these days. Let me let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to go on a 10-day juice cleanse or crash diet to detox, your body already knows how to get rid of crap so that your skin glows, your eyes shine bright, and you feel great.  However, there are decisions you can make every day that help boost your body’s natural detox processes.  

Here are my top 5 daily detox boosters:

Warm water with lemon -  Drink warm water with lemon upon waking. Lemon stimulates the digestive system, boosts metabolism, and helps balance pH levels in the body.

Dry skin brushing - Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body?  Gently brushing the skin buffs away dead skin cells so that you GLOW; it also stimulates the lymphatic system and increase blood flow.

Eat your GREENS - Greens give you the biggest bang for your nutritional buck.  They boost energy, keep your digestion on track, and pack tons of micronutrients that your cells need to function at their best. Need some inspiration on how to eat your greens? Head over here.

Twist it out - In a twist, you compress your digestive organs. When you come out of the twist, the organs are flooded with fresh blood and oxygen, stimulating them.

Slow down and breathe - Take just 10 minutes at the beginning of your day to sit and breathe. Not only will you feel more clear-headed, your body will also use this time to rest, relax, and restore! If you more structure, check out Headspace - it’s my favorite guided meditation app. 


Try adding one or two of these to your daily routine - trust me, it’s much easier than a crazy cleanse, but you’ll still get all the detoxification benefits!