StressLESS Summer Event Recap

Hi everyone!  I did a digital detox while on vacation last week, so this post is long overdue, but hope you will enjoy hearing about the event Amy Jarosky and I hosted two weeks ago at Athleta Flatiron: StressLESS Summer with Essential Oils and Yoga.  We had an absolute BLAST and great feedback from those who participated. 

Here's how we chilled out at this event:

7PM- Folks started to arrive.   Amy and I introduced the doTERRA essential oils and went through some of the most popular oils and common uses. We highlighted the many ways doTERRA essential oils can be used to manage stress.  Some of my personal favorite stress-busting oils are:

  • Serenity - A soothing blend with lavender, sandalwood, and vanilla.  I put a drop of this on the bottoms of my feet at night for deep, restful sleep!
  • Grapefruit - Uplifting and energizing, this oil is great if you are feeling down and need a boost!  Place a drop on your hands and breathe in or put a drop in your water for a delicious treat!
  • Balance - A grounding blend with spruce, frankincense, and chamomile.  I love to use this one if I’m feeling anxious or before something important, like teaching a class or giving a presentation.

Everyone got a chance to try the oils and we even had a few introductory kits to sell.  These kits contain a 5ML bottle of lavendar, peppermint, and lemon - the three most popular oils!  This is such a great way to “get your feet wet” with doTERRA essential oils. 

8PM - We began to settle down.  I taught my favorite calming breath technique - a simple exercise that you can do anyways to de-stress.  There was a recording of this in my latest newsletter -if you didn’t get it, shoot me a message and I’ll send the recording your way =)  We then moved into a 60-minute stress-busting yoga class.  We did a challenging sequence (to bring the mind back to the present moment) followed by some long, deep hip openers and forward folds (which are very soothing). 

9PM - From savasana to smoothies - After my class, we all enjoyed delicious smoothies featuring the ALOHA Daily Good Chocolate blend (YUM!).  We had a bunch of raffles - an Athleta gift card, a yoga mat, and goodie bags from Amy and me with our favorite stress-busting products PLUS free sessions with us!  


THANK YOU to everyone who came out to this event - you guys rocked and we had such a fun time with you.  And THANK you to our sponsors - Athelta and ALOHA - YOU ROCK!

Want to learn more about essential oils? Email me at for more information and a personalized recommendation.  Ready to shop?  Purchase oils and kits here!

Also, for my NYC friends, Amy and I are hosting a SHOPPING PARTY at Athleta Flatiron this Monday 8/24 from 5-7PM. The ENTIRE store will be 25% off, plus we will have smoothies and fun giveaways.  Email me at to RSVP.