Ask Me Anything - TONIGHT!

Hi guys!  Just stopping by with a quick reminder about my "Ask Me Anything" session tonight at 9PM EST.  During this call I'll chat a little about my background, how I got where I am today, and what it's like to work with me PLUS answer ANY and ALL questions you have.  

Here are just some of the questions I got last session:

- Can you give some breakfast ideas that are not smoothies?

- What are your favorite healthy grab-and-go spots in NYC?

- How on earth can I get comfortable during meditation?

- Do you recommend a multi-vitamin or other supplements that everyone should take?

- Do you offer any group coaching programs?

We'll cover this and MORE tonight.  

Ready to join in on the fun?  Register here to get the dial-in number. 

Can't make it?  Register anyways - I will be sending out a recording of the call later in the week - and submit your questions in advance via email:  

Hope to see you later!