What I Ate Wednesday 7/22/15

In an effort to show you all more of what I eat as a primarily plant-based, active adult, I'm starting a new series here on the blog - "What I Ate Wednesday."  Each Wednesday I'll snap a picture of everything I eat and post the pictures plus descriptions here on the blog.  I'll share helpful information on what I'm eating and why. 

PLEASE, please, please do not think that your food choices should directly mirror mine - we are all different and what works for my body may not work for your body, and vice versa.  I'm still figuring out what works best for me and guess what?  It's changing all the time.  I'm simply sharing my choices with the hopes to give you more ideas when it comes to plant based foods and meals. 

Here's what I ate this Wednesday:

Upon waking: Water with lemon, matcha with my 2-Minute Almond Milk

Breakfast: Smoothie with greens, goji, cacao nibs, almond butter, and chocolate protein powder. A treat!

AM Snack: Watermelon!  I had help eating this =)  Quick tip: Eating water rich foods, like melons, cucumbers, and leafy greens, help you stay hydrated during these hot summer months!

Lunch: Salad with bok choy, kohlrabi, cabbage, corn, and spicy roasted sunflower seeds and this avocado dressing with lots of lime. Yum!

PM Snack: Kombucha + some super food trail mix and bee pollen drizzled with almond butter.  Quick tip:  I love a spoonful of bee pollen for a natural boost of energy.  

Dinner: Raw Sweet Corn Salad with Basil + Avocado + Egg on top of lettuce from my CSA.   I also grilled LOTS of veggies for my meals the rest of the week (my first time grilling by myself!) and definitely ate some of those in the process.  Grilled potatoes? Awesome.  Grilled radishes? SO GOOD.  Grilled Chinese Broccoli? The bomb.  When in doubt…grill it out.


And there you have it - another day in my (oh so exciting) food life!  ;)   Questions on anything I've noted above?  ASK ME - next Monday 7/27 at 9PM EST - this is a FREE information session where you can ask me ANYTHING!  What it's like to WORK with a health coach, how I became a health coach, where I like to eat out in NYC, my favorite breakfasts... ANYTHING GOES.  

If you can't make it to the session on Monday, register anyways - I'm going to send out the recording to everyone after the call.  What are you waiting for?? Sign up here.