Blissful Backyard Yoga Brunch

Hi everyone and happy Monday!  

I'm SO excited to announce that I'll be hosting a mini-retreat here in my Brooklyn backyard in August.  YIPPEE!

Are you ready for a mini-escape from the hot and crazy NYC summer?  Join me for a morning of absolute bliss on Sunday, August 2nd in my Brooklyn backyard oasis. 

We'll meet at 10:30AM before the heat really rises for my signature feel good flow - a sweet and sweaty mix of vinyasa (movement) and pranayama (breath work) designed to clear out toxins and "stuck" energy.  We will seal the practice with a short guided meditation. Then we'll enjoy a nourishing, homemade brunch. Everyone will walk away feeling clear, refreshed, and energized with a bag of my favorite bliss-inducing goodies. 

Space is VERY limited so reserve your spot today!  

Feel free to comment below with any questions you have about the morning.  I can't wait!! Hope you can make it!