Just Chew It - VIDEO

Hi everyone! My goal for myself this month, and challenge for my readers, is to CHEW food slowly and thoroughly.  Most of us, myself included, do not chew our food nearly enough.  We talk while eating, rush through meals, and eat on the go.  So what? Chewing food thoroughly is one SUPER EASY yet important change you can make to loose weight, settle stomach issues, and feel GREAT overall.  

What does chewing food in this way look like? GOOD QUESTION!  We are so used to rushing through meals, it can be hard to slow down.  I've made this video of me really chewing a BIG kale salad (don't worry, I fast forwarded through the bulk of the chewing).  And guess what? It took a WHILE.  But I also felt GREAT afterwards - totally satisfied, full but not heavy, and no bloating (which is often a side effect of eating raw veggies too quickly).  Check it out and TRY IT yourself.  I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!