Inspiration: Breakfast Salad

Do you ever get in a breakfast rut?  Or simply have a craving for something totally out of the ordinary?  I know I do.  Sometimes my morning smoothie or bowl of oatmeal just doesn't satisfy me.  I find this to be especially true on weekends when I usually have a little more time to make something for myself.  Today is one of those days - I was up early and ravenous!  I knew a smoothie was not going to cut it.  I looked in the fridge for inspiration and saw arugula, and remembered a post for a "breakfast salad" I had saved a while back.  Why not try it?  Why not be a rebel and have salad for breakfast?  And just like that, a beautiful thing was born.

This may be my new favorite breakfast (which is saying a lot, since I'm pretty in love with green smoothies).  It's super simple to prepare, but also incredibly satisfying due to the chew factor.  Here's how to try one for yourself:

Step 1: Pick your greens.  I used baby arugula because that's what I had and what I love, but a milder green would also work (like baby spinach, butter lettuce, or romaine).  You could also totally use kale, if you're into it.

Step 2: Pick your fruit.  I sliced up a banana for my salad, but any fruit will work.  For your first salad, stick with a personal favorite (oranges, apples, pears, and berries would all be wonderful). If you'd like, you can throw in extra veggies that "complement" that fruit (I thought cool crunchy cucumber would add a nice contrast to the creamy banana).   

Step 3: Add some crunch.  Top your salad with granola, puffed cereal, nuts, and/or seeds.  Not only will this add a satisfying crunch to your breakfast, but it will also increase the protein content.

Step 4: Dress it up!  I whisked together equal parts maple syrup and lemon juice to drizzle on my salad, but the possibilities are endless!  You could also thin out some peanut or almond butter with a little bit of water or, for a super special sauce, try out the chocolate avocado sauce featured in the Choosing Raw post

I know salad for breakfast may sound strange, but in other countries around the world eating vegetables in the AM is totally normal.  In many Mediterranean countries, breakfast consists of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with bread, olives, and cheese.  Asian countries also love their veggies in the morning: a common breakfast in Japan is miso soup, pickled vegetables, seaweed salad, and cured raw fish.

Why not switch things up and get your day off to a HEALTHY, GREEN start?  And let me know how it turns out - what you added in your salad, how you dressed it, etc - I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and flavor combinations!