Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Packed with natural sugars and healthy fats, these little cookies are my new favorite after- lunch sweet treat. I keep a batch in the freezer and have noticed that they dry out a bit when stored like this, but I think that makes them taste even more like a baked cookie (versus your typical raw energy ball).  Seriously, these cookies taste so much like the baked, less wholesome version that I'm surprised (in a good way) every time I bite into one.

Like many raw treats, this one has limited ingredients (PB, dates, almonds, salt) and comes together in a snap.  Head over to A House in the Hills for the recipe!

photo and recipe via a house in the hills

photo and recipe via a house in the hills

Note:  I added a bit more peanut butter than the recipe calls for.  Taste and adjust as you go.

UPDATE: I also made these with almond pulp instead of almonds and they turned out just fine! I'm always happy to find a recipe to use up the mountains of pulp I have in my freezer (from making homemade nut milk).  SCORE.